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Types of Contributions

Types of contributions 

We welcome submissions for the following types of contributions (please note that journal sections were changed in April 2020): 


Research Articles

Research Articles 

Responsible editors: MAT editorial collective 

Original Research Articles comprise the core of the journal. MAT seeks to rethink health and medicine in local and global contexts within the broad fields of medical anthropology, science and technology studies (STS), and global health. In line with our commitment to open access, accepted articles (up to 10,000 words including references) will be written in clear language that makes insights available to a wide readership. The editors seek to publish work that innovates both theoretically and methodologically, or that revisits classical anthropological debates through contemporary problems. We also seek work from applied anthropologists and activists working in sites outside of academia. Research articles can include primary research (e.g., based on ethnographic fieldwork) or secondary research (e.g., based on a review of a particular field of literature). Please see here for further information about the journal’s scope and aims. Through the publication of original research, MAT aims to fulfil its mission to publish cutting-edge scholarship at the forefront of theoretical and methodological debates in the discipline.

Position Pieces

Responsible editors: Jan Brunson and Dwai Banerjee 

Position Pieces are creative in genre and form, subvert disciplinary boundaries, and reflect upon their authors positions relative to the material and concepts they engage. We collect these works under the banner of Position Pieces’ as a nod to the role of position in shaping our scholarly activities and professional practices.  In other words, the writing collected under the banner of Position Pieces gestures to the reality that our own positionsin relation to our interlocutors, the field, the academy, and other disciplinesare always moving. Position Pieces aim to capture that momentum through texts that reflect upstream thinking—that is, thoughts and conversations that are not yet formatted into academic publication conventions. These may be essays, theoretical forays, instigations, or other experimental texts with a tentative, unfinished edge. Position Pieces provoke debate, unearth hidden assumptions, and contribute to the decentring and deprovincialising of medical anthropology. In this way, they advance MATs broader mission to explore how culture, politics, and social norms bear on medicine, illness, and health—and vice versa. We are particularly keen to publish essays written by public health workers, patients, medics, social workers, psychologists, bioethicists, nurses, and clinical practitioners of all stripes, in addition to medical anthropologists. The word limit for a Position Piece is 3,000 words, not including references. 

Field Notes

ResponsibleeditorRosie Sims 

Field Notes is a space to innovate with ethnographic writing. These more creative and journalistic pieces engage with field research and ought to dwell on the empirics of fieldwork. Let this be a space to try out a new ethnographic style, to hone ones creative writing skills, or publish those indelible bits of field research that just dont fit anywhere else. Submissions should be forthrightly empirical and are expected to have few, if any, citations. The word limit for a Field Notes piece is 3,000 words, though shorter submissions are encouraged. 

Photo Essays

Responsible editor: Felicity Aulino and Jerome Crowder 

Given the centrality of observing, seeing, and representing to ethnographic projects, MAT provides a forum for researchers to present a set of up to 10 photographs that critically engage with these issues. Submissions should include an accompanying textual comment of under 1,000 words (excluding references) reflecting on how photography shapes the ways in which ethnographic subjects are approached, collaborated with, framed, and presented as objects of research, science, and art. Longer pieces that include photos in the text can be submitted to any of the other sections. Authors should also bear in mind that less is often more when it comes to the number of images included in photo essays. We encourage authors to carefully consider the value of each image before submitting it. Please note: images should be between 1800 and 3000 pixels on one side, and must be uploaded through our OJS portal as supplementary files during stage four of the submission process.  


Responsible editor: Marlee Tichenor 

MAT invites reviews of books, films, podcasts, conferences, and exhibits. Reviews should be in essay form and entail a discussion of at least three different reviewed works (which need not all be of the same medium). Many Review essays will be commissioned, but we also welcome suggestions and recommendations. The word limit for Reviews is 3,000 words.