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Think Pieces

Vol 2 No 1 (2015): April issue

Global eHealth: Designing spaces of care in the era of global connectivity

  • Vincent Duclos
December 20, 2014
April 14, 2015


Using the case of the Pan-African e-Network, this Think Piece describes some of the practical and theoretical challenges presented by eHealth. At the junction of ‘networked thinking’ and clinical work, human lives come to matter in new ways, taking shape as objects of knowledge and intervention. The terrain on which this is happening is discursive, and deeply enmeshed with living and technical systems. Studying eHealth reveals how contemporary arrangements create new spaces in which lives are cared for. As such, it is inseparable from wider questions being raised by global eHealth practices: How are spaces of care to be designed in the era of global connectivity? What are the emergent relations between space, information technology, and the government of care on a global scale?