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Open vacancy: Field Notes section editor


Medicine Anthropology Theory is soliciting applications for two co-editors for the journal's Field Notes section. The new co-editors will collaborate to edit and publish the section. As a team, the Field Notes co-editors will work to solicit contributions to the section and will then collaborate with authors to develop contributions. Co-editors will also manage the external peer review process for manuscripts under consideration in Field Notes. Overall, the new co-editors will contribute to the leadership and direction of the MAT journal.  

Field Notes is a space that hones in on the craft of ethnographic writing. These ethnographically detailed pieces convey descriptive data, reflections on methodology, as well as the ethical issues that arise during and in the wake of fieldwork. As such, Field Notes offers a space to try out genres of ethnographic writing, allowing authors to cultivate creative writing skills, or publish those indelible bits of field research that just don’t fit anywhere else. Submissions should be short (3000 words), forthrightly empirical and are expected only to have few, if any, citations.  

The co-editorship is an unpaid position. The candidates will have completed their Ph.D. in anthropology or a related field and will have already secured a tenure-track or permanent position at their home institution. We also welcome joint applications for co-editorialship. You can read more about MAT’s editorial decision to only fill staff section editor positions with people who are not precariously employed in our Ethos Statement and first editorial by the Edinburgh Collective. The successful candidates will serve in this position for a term of three years.  

To apply, please send a CV and letter of interest (1 page) to Cristina Moreno Lozano, MAT’s Managing Editor, at by 25 July 2022 (extended to 25 August 2022). During the month of August, we will be in touch with candidates of interest to schedule an online interview (expected to take place in early September). Please also contact Cristina Moreno Lozano with any questions about the position. 

* This vacancy has now been filled.